1 Pair Spring Base for Quick Release Whip

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If you are looking to add some flexibility to the base of your quick release LED whip, this spring is the solution. The spring is rated for the weight of the whip at riding speed and will allow it to flex. The spring includes the base mount at the top that connects to the whip along with the mounting thread, hardware and pig-tail wires to connect.

Product Description
  • Spring base that allows for flexibility at bottom of whip

  • Black spring with quick release base included

  • Includes mounting hardware & wires as shown

  • Works with all Dragon fire Racing quick release LED whips

  • Sold individually

spring base for whips
  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT - Instead of slamming your whip into every low hanging tree branch, a spring base reduces the damage done by impacts by allowing the whip to bend and flex out of the way.

  • FLEXIBLE - High speeds and corners can do a number on your whips and antennas, testing them to the limit of their flexibility. A sturdy spring base can take a lot of the stress of your equipment during hard highway or off-road use.

  • HEAVY-DUTY - With a beefier 1/2" x 20 thread, this spring base is suitable for LED whip, fiberglass CB antenna, center load antenna, 102" whip, and so much more.

  • MULTI-VEHICLE - Whether you drive an off-road ATV, an emergency vehicle, or a pilot car, a spring base is a practical and useful addition to any vehicle equipped with a large whip or antenna.

  • DURABLE - Made from heavy-duty 6mm spring steel, this barrel spring base will not let you down and can handle even the largest LED whips and antennas.

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