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Unique adjustable bed pillow system keeps your body supported in a comfortable upright or reclined position, allowing for maximum circulation and comfort.
  • Innovative alternative to adjustable bed: ergonomically designed pillows designed to place you in an optimal resting position on your bed. Curves and angles provide maximized support for any body size and type to achieve a zero gravity position.
  • EXCLUSIVE 4-PILLOW SYSTEM - Includes a 15 '' x 11 '' slant base pillow, 18.9 x 6.5 '' leg support, 28 x 7 '' back support, and 10 x 4 '' neck support. Separate pieces allow easy customization of your position when reading, using a laptop, watching, or sleeping.

  • PROMOTES STRESS-FREE POSTURE - Designed by our sleep experts to keep you comfortably reclined or sitting upright during activities. Supports your back to align and stabilize the pelvis and lumbar spine, relieves tension, and optimizes circulation.
  • Made for a good night's sleep: Developed to redefine rest and relaxation, our Bed Wedge system is guaranteed to help you get a full night of rejuvenating, restful sleep. Recommended for people with snoring, ERG and acid reflux problems.
  • Proven Solutions for Your Health Needs - With over 30 years of providing wellness products that provide a holistic approach to meeting your needs, Relax The Back is committed to delivering a personalized experience that will ultimately change your life.
Product Details
  • This four-piece wedge system includes a 2-piece adjustable rear wedge, a neck support pillow, and a leg wedge pillow for lower body support and leg elevation.
  • All the pieces work together to keep your upper body comfortably positioned so you can read, use your laptop or watch TV while properly supporting your back, neck, knees and hips.
  • 4-piece system made from Eco-friendly memory foam on top layers of high-density foam.
  • Ergonomic principles put you in the optimal resting position for any body size or type.
  • Achieve a zero gravity therapeutic position when the back and leg wedges are used together.
  • Relieves knee pain, lower back pain, muscle spasms, and pain associated with varicose veins.
  • Recommended for people suffer from Snoring, GERD and Acid Reflux.


The cervical pillow adjusts up or down as desired. Wedge pillow system keeps you comfortably seated in an upright position. Curved rear wedge that easily adjusts to any position. Quick setup and decomposition. Removable luxury cotton covers with faux suede sides are machine washable. Dimensions: 13-24 '' high x 24 '' wide x 17-29 '' long. Made in the USA.

Relieves knee pain and pain associated with varicose veins, relieves lower back pain and muscle spasms. Keeps your legs in a bent position to take pressure off your hips and lower back. Decompresses the spinal discs improving circulation and relieves stress. Aligns and stabilizes the pelvis and lumbar spine relieves stress on nerves and muscles and joints. Helps reduce acid reflux symptoms. Ergonomic Pain Relief Back Wedge Pillow Contours and supports your back and neck.


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