Camera Ski Goggles

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Allow your adventurous imagination to discover the unseen with this Camera ski goggles

✔ CAPTURE PERFECT MOMENTS: Next time you hit the slopes make sure you bring this camera ski-goggles to capture the amazing tricks as well as the hilarious falls. When wanting to capture the moment so you can look back at it later on in life as a nostalgic memory. Away of keeping the emotion and thrill alive forever

✔ DON’T RISK BREAKING YOUR PHONE: Instead of getting your phone out to film, focus on your ride rather than operating the camera and still get perfect videos, photos, and audio.
as these goggles Feature a helmet fit of product size (folded) of 22*8*9 cm, As a skier you have more to worry about other than recording and with these goggles the battery will record up to 50 minutes of 1080p footage and the goggles will work in -20 to -40 temperatures, to keep you focused on the adventure at all times.

✔ A SNUG PROTECTIVE FIT: it has a colorful double anti-fog Lens For better vision and safety from accidents. Don’t worry about your goggles fogging as you traverse down the mountain, these will protect your eyes from wind and snow as well as the sun.

Record the best moments of your skiing trip with nothing more than a pair of goggles!

Capture the highlights of your trip from amazing tricks and stunts as well as equally amusing falls. Get amazing materials for an after-movies without using a phone camera or other bulky, inconvenient ones. 

So when looking for to Shoot high-quality 1080p videos non-stop and have them all on your SD card at the end of the day you know now what the best option would be. Not only do these goggles provide you with great memories, but they also protect your eyes so you can have the best skiing experience.

Protect your vision from bright sunbeams and don’t worry about the goggles getting foggy. At the end of the day recharge the battery and have the camera ready for another day at the slopes.

Camera Lens: 130 Degree Wide Angle 
Video Resolution: 1080p
Photo Image Resolution: 4352*3264
External Memory Support: Mini SD Card (Max 32GB)
Goggle Lens:  Colorful Double Anti-Fog Lens
Battery Life:  50 minutes (Changeable battery, 3.7v lithium)


Don’t Miss A Chance For Perfect Photos Of Your Ski Trip! Get Yours Today!

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