Cooling Pillow - Gel Memory Foam Pillow

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Our Cooling Pillow Provides the Marrying the cooling sensation of soothing gel with the comforting feel of memory foam.

The cool-to-the-touch gel layer cradles your head and neck with soothing support – allowing your muscles to fully relax as you sleep, plus features a dimensional design for restorative relief and relaxation.

Gel is paired with premium pressure-reliving memory foam for conforming comfort. Included is a mesh, breathable cover that helps protect your pillow, while enabling you to feel the pillow’s cooling features.

Third Generation Cooling Pillow
Our Team uses the newest technology and premium memory foam in order to enhance your sleep. We continuously optimize our products according to the customers use feelings. Let the gel side keep you nice and cool in those hot summer nights.
Little tip:
  • The cooling sleep pillow will never replace your air conditioner at hot nights.
  • Gel pad can't adjust skin temperature.
  • We suggest changing the posture when sleep for a long time and keep ventilation in room.
Back & Side Sleepers

If you like medium firm pillow for sleeping, this one will be a best choice. It is medium firm and well supported, which is conducive to relieve pressure and relax your body.
Normally a few days will be a period of readjustablement between you and new memory foam bed pillows. Now you can unwind and relax at the comfort of your own bed with our orthopedic memory foam pillow.

Pain Relief Will Never Become Hard

Our Cooling Pillow will never gets hard in cold weather. 3 seconds slow rebound, long time non flatten.
Unlike shredded foam pillows on the market, our resilient material remains consistent firmness and comfortable feel all year, can be used in a long time without being out of shape.
Helps you ease neck and shoulder pain through all night, improve your sleep quality and duration to promote a faster sleep for you.

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