EASY to REACH™ - Hard-to-Reach Areas Duster

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It's not your fault Madam, if you don't clean the most hard-to-reach areas frequently

  • It is a boring task!
  • Most of us just don't have the time to complete this task every day!
  • Muscle and back pain that we feel after cleaning these areas is a major reason we hate this task.

For these reasons, we offer you our new product:


(Hard-to-Reach Areas Duster)

EASY to REACH™ Secrets
  • Stretchable: You can extend the stainless steel stick until it reaches a length of 110 Inches.
  • Microfiber Head: bendable, reusable, dust absorbent.
  • Upgraded silicone cap: to protect your furniture and ceiling from scratches.

  • Made of high quality stainless steel: it is sturdy, lightweight and easy to use.
  • Easy to clean and storage: You can wash it with warm water, then let dry in a ventilated place.

What Our Customers Said?

" Wanted this for my ceiling fans but I have found so many other "high" places that needed a good dusting. It also works great for the little spaces like between the washer and dryer that are so hard to get to"

Sharon Maxwell



Q: Does it tangle after washing?

A: No, Just wash it with warm water and leave it to dry.

Q: Does it stay in place or does it swivel?

A: It stays in place - no swiveling .

Q: Can you wash and reuse these? 

A: The microfiber duster is reusable.After use,Just wash it by hand in water, let dry in a ventilated place.

Q: Can this microfiber duster really clear the dust on the field? 

A: It is made of microfiber material, with a strong electrostatic absorption ability, easily adsorbed dust and hair, making it easy to clean anywhere.

Q: Is the extension pole firm and this telescopic duster heavy? 

A: It is a newly designed stainless steel rod with a long life and a weight of 0.65 pounds.

Q: Will this dusting duster shed hair? 

A: This ceiling duster is made of fine fiber and will not shed hair.


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