Hair Straightening Brush

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If your morning routines are busy or lazy and you cannot find enough time for straight hairstyle, this hot brush will become your best friend.

This hair straightening brush designed to cut styling time in half without sacrificing hair safety. After the brush is heated up in seconds, it smoothly runs through your hair while retaining beautiful volume as you brush. It doesn’t matter if you have curls, waves, or frizz, this styling tool brushes them all away, leaving your hair straight and sleek without all the hassle.

Glossify brush evenly distributes heat, delivering silkier, straighter locks in one smooth glide. Unlike most flat irons, equal mild heat delivery does not impact the hair structure. As a result, you can use Glossify hot brush daily without damaging your hair.

Both methods do serve the same purpose, they both are used for straightening your hair. The flat iron has been around for years. Now after many years, it has been improved upon. Now you can have straight hairstyle 2X faster while less damaging your hair.



    • Takes longer to heat up.
    • Takes on a long narrow rectangular shape.
    • Has flat plates, no brushes.
    • Cannot adjust the heat on many.
    • May not be good for all hair types.
    • Due to design, it is easier to burn scalp or fingers.
    • Typically takes both hands use, one to hold flat iron and one to hold hair.
    • They typically don’t heat as even as a straightener brush.
    • Does one function, straightens hair.
    • Hair is smoothed on both sides by flat plates.
    • Not always travel-friendly, due to the standard size of many they are long and bulky.


    • You can get straightening brush in travel size. 
    • It is designed for one hand use.
    • No preparations needed.
    • Brushes hair.
    • Detangles hair.
    • Heats up quickly.
    • Less risk of burn since the bristles provide a barrier.
    • Adjustable heat levels, making it great for any hair type.
    • Can do with one hand, as simple as brushing your hair.
    • Equal heat distribution.
    • Easier and safer for teens to use.
    • Done in half the time as a flat iron.
    • A better option for teens since it is safer.

    1. My hair is shoulder length would this brush be suitable?
    Absolutely!If you hair is shoulder length, Hair straightening brush can use it.

    2. How does this work on thinner hair?
    This product works great on thin hair.

    3. Does it work on wet hair?
    Not for use on wet hair.


    4. How long does it take to heat up the brush??
    Heats up very quickly, within a minute.

    5. Can I use heat protection cream or product?
    Yes, you can use heat protection cream or products for better effect.



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