Mini EASY to REACH™ - Magnetic Precision Scrubber

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Are you paranoid about keeping your Juice glasses, bottles, and vase spotless clean?

The magnetic precision scrubber is just the thing you need. It is designed to scrub and clean the insides of glasses and vases with precision to make them spotlessly clean.

About Mini EASY to REACH™
  • Is composed of 2 pieces: the magnetic scrubber and the magnetic handle.
  • Both components have a nubbed rubber scrubber for cleaning dried on stains
  • Cleans glass but will not scratch or crack it; large handle for comfortable grip
  • Easy to use, simply place the scrubber inside the glass vessel and align the magnetic handle from the outside
  • You can control where the scrubber goes with the Magnetic Spot Scrubber using the magnetic handle


  • Designed to reach spots you can’t get to with a brush or cloth, the scrubbing disc has a textured neoprene pad that provides a surprisingly effective scouring action yet won’t scratch surfaces.
  • The two parts of the scrubber and the magnetic handle are comfortable to hold and will not damage the glass.
  • You can slip a small piece of cloth under the disc to increase surface contact. You guide the 1" diameter, 1/2" thick disc around the interior surface using a magnetic handle on the outer surface.

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