Waterproof Mattress Bed Protector

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Are u still living and sleeping with bugs & mites?

Stop doing this before it is too late!

Your bed is the home of millions, even billions of bugs & mites. You don’t know the fact that you sleep on million of bugs & mites, do you?

Don't worry, there are still thousands of people like you, who still sleep with bugs & mites!

This problem has been affecting your hygiene which leads to acne/bacne & many infections on your skin.

That’s where our super powerful mattress protector comes into play! Fits perfectly to any mattress (lots of sizes for you to choose)!

This waterproof mattress Protector prevents these bugs from invading your bed and stops contacting with the creatures altogether. The Bedding Protector also prevents mildew, bacteria, bed bugs and more!

Not to mention be able to boost your sleep’s quality and improve your hygiene!

You will no longer have to pay hundreds of dollar to buy some expensive products or medicines to take care of your skin and treat your skin infection or acne/bacne!

Or even costs you $1000 for the appointment with your doctor.


It is perfect for parents who have kids! No more hassle when your kids peeing on their beds!

It is perfect for people who are busy, have no time to clean & tidy up their beds.

It is perfect for people who love to sleep with their lovely pets but don't want to infect their beds!

It is perfect for disabled people. It makes a disabled person’s life much easier!

Then, this mattress protector is perfect for YOU!

Order yours today before we are running out of this mattress protector. Limited quantity available! 



One female dust mite has a lifespan of 70 days & produces over 100 eggs in 21 days. Their feces produce antibodies in Humans which causes a myriad of symptoms when inhaled. 
Symptoms Like:

  • Respiratory Issues or Asthma development
  • Infantile Eczema
  • Postnasal Drip Or Facial Pressure and Pain
  • Frequent Awakening

 If you've experienced these symptoms, this Protector will help you. You will notice your health, energy levels, sleep, and mood improve within a few nights. Providing you with peace of mind.

The bedding works by having tightly woven Polyester fabric. The polyester is woven so tight that it prevents these flesh-eating arachnids from invading your bed and stops them instantly from feasting on you or your child during sleep.

Since the protector is cutting dust mites off from their food supply, you. It makes it impossible for them to breed, feed or live in your mattress. 

But it doesn't only prevent dust mites, it eliminates the possibility of mildew, bed bugs and other festering pests from disturbing your peaceful nights.


  • Style: Plain
  • Model Number: Mattress Protector
  • Height: 9 to 14 Inches
  • Pattern: Plain Dyed
  • Feature: Air-Permeable, Anti-Bacteria, Waterproof, Anti-Pull, Anti Dust Mite
  • Technics: Knitted
  • Use: Hotel, Hospital, Home
  • Product: Bed Protection Pad
  • Fabric Count: 20
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Thread Count: 100TC
  • Form: Mattress



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