Wooden Balance Board

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Our Wooden Balance Board is an excellent training tool for any skill level. From beginner to advanced, this board has something to offer everyone in the family and is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who is up for the challenge!

The Wooden Balance Board combines agility, exercise, and fun to create the ultimate accessory for your home, office or gym.

Which Grip Tape is Right For You?
  • Cork Rubber Grip Tape:
The cork rubber comes in plain or black speckled and features our logo inlaid in the center.
  • Great for bare feet, socks or shoes
  • Eco-friendly cork rubber is soft on your hands when exercising
  • Provides plenty of traction for practicing spins
  • Classy design that is perfect for the office
  • The perfect blend of comfort and durability
  • Skateboard Grip Tape:
The skateboard grip tape is clear and allows the natural wood grain pattern to show through. It has a feel comparable to course sandpaper.
  • Best used with shoes
  • Recommended for skateboard-style tricks and big spins
  • Extreme traction control that prevents slipping
Main Features

The construction of the Wooden Balance Board begins with a high quality 8-ply Canadian Maple skateboard deck. Each board surface is covered with your choice of Eco-friendly cork rubber or standard skateboard grip tape to prevent slipping and increase gripping. Triple half-sphere technology allows for three separate balance points that will enable you to spin independently on each. 


  • Center Balance Ball:
    The center balance ball is molded from high density polyethylene (HDPE). A rubber gasket is placed between the board and center ball to improve durability and strength.
  • Deck:
    The original Wooden Balance Board consists of a wooden balance board made from a standard 8.25″ wide Canadian Maple 8 ply skateboard deck. Each deck is unique containing a wood grain pattern that is contoured to help your feet grip the board. Skateboarders will feel right at home, and every one will appreciate the tried and true shape.
  • Dimensions & Specifications:

Length: 31.875"
Width: 8.25"
Weight: 6 lbs
Max User Weight: 400lbs

  • Grip Surface:

Skateboard Grip Tape: Has the feel of coarse grit sandpaper and provides the best traction. Best used with shoes and recommended for skateboarders and advanced skateboard-style tricks.

Cork Rubber Grip Tape:  Rigid yet soft with a classy appearance. We recommend wearing shoes for the best performance, but this material is softer so it is comfortable with bare feet or socks.

  • Nose & Tail Balance Ball:

Two small balance balls are attached to the deck, one on the nose and one on the tail. We make each small ball from durable urethane rubber with a hardness around 110A. The material similar to a very hard skateboard wheel.

  • Can I use my board on wood floors, tile or cement?

We are going to say a big NO on this one! Our reasons are two fold:

1) You might end up scratching your floors and the cost of repairing wood floors is not worth a whirl session!

2) It is not safe to use a Wooden Balance Board on slippery surfaces. You are most likely going to damage yourself before your board.

We recommend buying one of our specially designed Whirl Mats to help you spin at your full potential. Don’t want to spend the extra money?

Thin carpet is what we recommend that works the BEST!

  • What is the weight limit?

We have driven over our test boards with a Jeep Grand Cherokee and didn’t have any issues. We also have thrown it off of a two story roof top without breaking.

We suggest a weight limit of around 500 lbs to be safe. If you are afraid of breaking your board, don’t fret, we have a Guarantee that will replace any board due to any manufacture defect.

If your board squashes or cracks, we will send you a new one!

Please email us and let us know if you have any problems info@ByHand-Store.com

  • Do I need to wear shoes on my board?

Yes and No. It depends on the type of board that you get and what you will be using it for.

If you will be using your board to practice board sport tricks, we recommend getting the Skateboard Grip Tape style option and wearing shoes. This will give you more control and protect your feet from the abrasive grip tape.

If you will be using your board to work out or have kids that would use it often without shoes, we recommend the Cork Rubber Grip Tape style option that is softer on your hands and feet. You can still use shoes if you choose on the cork rubber because it is a very durable material.

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